Jibran’s Perspective

Project 1: Django + NextJS Boilerplate

Feb 15, 2024


My accidental new years resolution was to work on the 1 problem that has plagued me for my entire adult life; failure to commit and focus. I decided to work in 6 week “sprints” (inspired by Shape Up) and complete the projects I start - for some known definition of complete.

This is the 1st project I have decided to work on. I’ll work on this from today (15th Feb 2024) to (28th Mar 2024). I’ll follow-up then with another post talking about how it went.

The project

The goal is to make & sell a Django + NextJS boilerplate template. What’s a boilerplate template?

It’s the source code for a project that’s already setup with many things that are needed in a new project; for example:

A great example is Saas Pegasus, which seems like an amazing boilerplate loved by many people.

My boilerplate is going to be much simpler - and also much cheaper. SaaS Pegasus comes with so many features that it’s worth the $249 starting price. I’m aiming for $5-$10.


My goal is to sell this boilerplate to at least 10 people - and have them be happy using it. This means:

The deliverable

The boilerplate will allow developers to quickly start a project that uses Django for the backend and NextJS for the frontend. My recent experiences with another project in this tech stack required me to spend significant time on:

My plan is to build a boilerplate that already has most those features built in, plus a few extras:

Once complete, I’ll put this on Gumroad and create a landing page there. From then on, it’s all about marketing it; that’s the part which I have no experience with and hope to learn the most from.

The marketing plan

This is the area where I lack any experience; so I’m not sure how I’m going to market this. Some ideas I have:

The build log

I’d also like to create a build log with this project. This will be a daily note of what I did for this project. I’ll keep it in my notes app Reflect and periodically put it here in this blog post. These daily notes might also serve as content for my build-in-public marketing strategy.