Url: https://github.com/theonejb/dropletconn

Dropletconn is a small Go based CLI tool to easily connect to Digital Ocean droplets. It’s like Google Cloud CLIs gcloud compute ssh SERVER for Digital Oceans.

Back in 2014 when I started working at JRD Group (justproperty.com) I also got the chance to work as the DevOps guy. We were using Digital Ocean VPS (droplets) and a problem I was facing was that in-order to connect to a droplet, I had to go to the Digital Ocean dashboard to find the IP first, then connect to it via SSH from my command line.

I wanted a more streamlined experience. Not finding anything, I built it myself.

With Dropletconn, you can type dropletconn list and it will get the list of droplets in your Digital Ocean account and list them. Kind of like:

|   ID    |    NAME     |    PUBLIC IP    |  PRIVATE IP   |
| 1234567 | SERVER_NAME | | |

The most useful command for Dropletconn is the connect one. You can do dropletconn connect SERVER_NAME and it will open a new SSH session to the server.

Even though I don’t work with Digital Ocean droplets at my day job anymore, I still have a few running for some personal projects, and Dropletconn is an indispensable utility.